Meet The Makers

Cassandra Swigart
Chief Marketing Officer

I spent most of my childhood in Maryland and Colorado. I currently live in Shrewsbury, PA, just north of the Maryland border.

I have always loved art, cooking, and entertaining. I think if you take a look at our blog posts and follow us on social media, you will quickly gather that I am the artistic driver in most of our efforts. My imagination knows no bounds when it comes to combining flavors, pursuing that perfect presentation, and creating beauty in all that I do.

I am so excited to be sharing thoughts and opinions on such a wide variety of deeply personal and enriching topics. Stick with us for all of your needs when it comes to Home & Garden, Recipes, and of course – Charcuterie Boards!

Andy King
Chief Operations Officer

I grew up in Maryland, but I currently live in Shrewsbury, PA, just north of the Maryland border.

I love working with wood. From selecting the lumber, to placing my cuts just right, to the joy of seeing a final project come together – it’s just so damned satisfying. Knowing that the products that I am creating with my hands will last many lifetimes is a huge motivator for me. The thought of one of my chopping blocks or boards being a focal piece for family celebrations for generations to come is a very humbling and exciting prospect!

I can’t wait to share my learnings with everyone! And I am just getting started in my journey, so on some of these things, we will be learning together. I can’t think of anything more fun than that!