Simple Guide To Beer Glasses

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You probably didn’t know it, but your IPA has been missing something – Proper Glassware! But don’t worry, Our Simple Guide To Beer Glasses will teach you everything you need to know about choosing the right glass for your favorite adult beverage. Whether you choose a juicy and hazy NEIPA, or a nutty stout with strong coffee notes, we have a recommendation that will thrill your taste buds. In addition, we also take into account the cool factor to give you well-rounded choices!

Why Upgrade Your Glasses?

Before I get into the specifics of the glasses that I love and why, I wanted to cover some of the benefits of upgrading your glassware. Firstly, it DEFINITELY makes a difference in flavor and overall taste. I didn’t really think it could make a difference, but after many trials and efforts to find the right glasses, I can tell you that a standard pint glass simply doesn’t cut it. Pint glasses are great for a Miller Lite, but you’re going to want to step your game up for a Julius!

Secondly, upgraded glassware shows that you take your craft beer seriously. I’m not too hung up on trying to look cool, but a nice piece of glassware can start a conversation. In addition, it may provide you an opportunity to nerd-out over flavor profiles and proper pours with a like-minded individual that notices a familiar piece of glassware. There is no doubt that what you choose to drink out of shows a bit of your personality.

Fermented Reality Outdoor B Cups

We will start our Simple Guide To Beer Glasses off with a top pick for the outdoor scene – The Outdoor B Cup from Fermented Reality. You will want to rock this sustainable plastic cup at craft brew festivals, bonfires, and camping trips (Yeah, I know – it’s a guide to beer glasses, you knucklehead). Best of all, these cups are safe for use around the pool, where glass is generally a no-go! These sturdy plastic cups are available in many different configurations depending the the beer you are drinking. I generally drink IPA’s, so I definitely prefer the IPA cup. It is designed to agitate the beer and activate the CO2 with every sip. In addition, the cup has a nice taper at the top that concentrates aromas and delivers a piney, citrusy blast to your nose every time you tip your cup.

What This Glass Says About You

An Outdoor B Cup in your hand clearly sends off a few different vibes. First, it tells everyone that you take your craft beer seriously. While you can still love beer that was poured into a red solo cup, you are showing respect to the craftsmanship that goes into a well-balanced craft brew. In addition, this glass shows that you care about the environment. Sustainable glassware (or in this case, plastic-ware) is designed to last for generations. These cups are super sturdy, and best of all – Dishwasher Safe!

Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses

The second glass in our Simple Guide To Beer Glasses is the Spiegelau line of glasses. This glass is a bit of a sentimental favorite because it was my first foray into craft beer specific vessels. These glasses are kind of the de-facto beer glass for your true craft beer fan. They are very well crafted, and have all of the features you need to enjoy just about any type of beer. The folks at Spiegelau have spent countless hours working with flavor scientists to develop the proper shapes and designs for all of their products.

They offer a fantastic combo glass pack that covers just about any variety of beer you can think of. In addition, they are dishwasher safe!! This five-glass set includes IPA, Pilsner, Wheat, Stout and Barrel-Aged beer glasses. Each of the glasses has their own design to maximize the flavor and taste of the respective brew. Regardless of what type of beer you are in the mood for, you will have the right glass to maximize your satisfaction!

What This Glass Says About You

Spiegelau glasses are the workhorses of the industry. Drinking from one says that you are all about value and want to have a very high quality product, without a lot of hype. There is nothing pretentious about these glasses and they show that you like to explore different beer styles. And who doesn’t want to be known for having adventurous taste buds?

Dragon Upside Down Beer Glass

Our next offering in our Simple Guide To Beer Glasses is the Dragon Upside Down Beer Glass. Now, I will admit that I didn’t pick this glass – it kind of picked me. I received this glass as a gift from a friend. He happens to be very particular about having his beer ice cold. He also happens to have super-sweaty hands. Hopefully you have figured out by now why this is a most unfortunate combination! He swears by this glass and raves about how it keeps his beer colder, for longer, than any other glasses he owns.

Well, naturally, he decided that I should also enjoy super-cold beers for longer, so he gifted me one. That’s why I keep this glass in my rotation. While it doesn’t get crazy hot here in the summer, the mercury does climb high enough to warm up a beer pretty quickly. In addition to keeping beers colder for longer, the unique design of this glass will get you noticed. It is a very artistic and functional glass. However, it does fall a bit short in providing the additional flavor and taste benefits of the other glasses in our list because it lacks the tapered top.

What This Glass Says About You

The Dragon Upside Down Beer Glass says a few things about you. First, it says that you don’t mind giving up a bit of flavor and taste in exchange for other benefits. Secondly, it tells everyone that you appreciate art and aren’t scared of a bit of flash. Lastly, it tells everyone that you place a very high value on the chilliness of your favorite adult beverage. Or, it might just say that you have sweaty hands…

Rastal Teku Tulip Glass

Last, but not least in our Simple Guide to Beer Glasses, we will highlight the Rastal Teku Tulip Glass. This lovely Italian-made beer glass is the latest craze in craft beer consumption. As with the rest of the glassware we have covered, these glasses are well-constructed and impeccably designed to deliver a consistently excellent drinking experience. The Rastal Teku glasses set themselves apart by providing a few features that their competitors do not.

First, let’s start by talking about nucleated versus non-nucleated. We said we would keep it simple, so we will. Nucleated glasses have laser-etched designs in the bottom of the glass. These designs cause CO2 to accumulate and rise to the top. This keeps the beer frothy with head. Non-nucleated glasses allow the beer to settle, reducing the head. Which is better? We don’t know – and neither do the folks at Rastal, so they let you choose!!

Second, this glass has a nice long stem. The stem allows you to hold the beer without the heat of your hands transferring to the beer. This translates to your beer staying colder for longer. It is also worth noting that the design of the Tulip glass provides all of the flavor and taste benefits without the trade-offs of the Dragon Upside Down Glass.

What This Glass Says About You

If people see you chilling with a Rastal Teku Tulip full of frothy beer, they will know that you like to stay on the vanguard of the craft beer scene. These glasses are definitely the latest trend, and rightfully so. Rastal has built upon the foundation of prior glass manufacturers and taken their product to the next level, offering an exceptional balance of versatility, utility, and beauty.

Choose Wisely

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our experiences with our various pieces of premium glassware. At the end of the day, there are infinite preferences and countless options to satisfy those wants and desires. Keep your eyes open for different offerings and keep trying new things until you find what works best for you, your palate, and your budget.

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