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Our charcuterie board business was born in October 2020. It all started with a simple request from Cass. “Hey babe, do you think you could make me a charcuterie board?” Before we knew it, we were filing for an LLC! Royal We Studios LLC was real!

‘Our’ Start

Once I figured out what a charcuterie board was, I said yes! I dove into sourcing wood for ‘our’ project. ‘We’ found a great little lumber mill in Mechanicsburg, PA. After picking out ‘our’ perfect pieces of live edge lumber, ‘we’ went to work in the shop. Most of the boards ‘we’ picked out had a ton of character – knots, voids, wormholes, bows, bends, and the occasional flat spot. ‘We’ went to work planing, sanding, applying epoxy, and conditioning the boards. The end results were pretty amazing and we found ourselves enjoying our boards in so many different ways.

Current Projects

Cass and I are constantly brainstorming new ideas for the shop. Our next logical addition to our product line was chopping blocks. I had no real experience with the design or manufacture of chopping blocks, so I jumped on to the web and consulted with some of my favorite YouTube pros. I put together quite a few prototypes, spilled glue all over the place, and spent countless hours sanding to get a solid basis for making blocks. My favorite blocks will always be end-grain walnut, but the spalted rock maple boards are climbing on the list.

In The Works

I am currently experimenting with a few ideas for up-cycled products. We have a pretty reliable supply of used pallets and I have been working to convert them into wine racks and six-pack beer carriers. Those should be available in the near future, so stay tuned.

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