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The Royal We Blog features our family’s experiences and our perspectives on Home & Garden, Recipes, Crafts, Family-friendly Travel, and just about anything else that we are passionate about and think our fans will enjoy. We are hopeful that by sharing our experiences with people, it will help them to discover something new, inspire them, or somehow enrich their lives.

Our Passions

We have many hobbies and interests. Naturally, as our passions have grown for certain subjects, our desire to share our insights has grown as well. Because of this, we want to share experiences, tips and tricks with people to help make things easier. Our family experiences have grown, as well. Because of this desire we decided to start up the Royal We Blog. We are excited to share our perspectives with all of you!

Learning Together

One of the best things t come out of the Royal We Blog is the opportunity to dive into new and interesting experiences together. Before we started this, neither of us knew a ting about creating a webpage, but here we are pecking away at a keyboard on Saturday Morning. One of us sipping coffee, while the other eats a donut. However, both of us are debating the best way to create a blog post without saying Charcuterie Board 300 times.

We may not be experts in everything we write about, but we are passionate. Passion combined with creativity is absolutely our fuel. We love to explore new things and get a better understanding of our world through trying, doing, and occasionally failing. It is our hope that you are willing to walk with us on this amazing journey! We would love to have you along!

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