Cassandra Swigart – Chief Marketing Officer

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Hello, everyone! I am Cassandra Swigart – Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Royal We Studios LLC in Shreswbury, PA. I am so excited to meet you and share amazing ideas!
I have always loved art, cooking, and entertaining. I think if you look at our blog posts and
follow us on social media, you will quickly gather that I am the artistic driver in most of our
efforts. My imagination knows no bounds when it comes to combining flavors, pursuing that perfect presentation, and creating beauty in all that I do.

Mason-Dixon Living

I am honored to live in such a unique and dynamic area. Not only is the Mason-Dixon line area blessed with such a rich historical background we are also the home of some of the country’s best smoked meats, finest wines, a healthy craft beer scene, and the most enthusiastic hosts & hostesses. Our Mason Dixon style of cooking starts with fresh, simple ingredients that are a staple of PA Dutch traditions. We transform these simple ingredients with bold flavors and rib-sticking heartiness of Southern cooking. Together, the two cooking styles balance well, while providing a slightly different take on traditional meals.

What We Do

I am so excited to be sharing thoughts and opinions on such a wide variety of deeply personal and enriching topics. Stick with us for all of your needs when it comes to Home & Garden, Recipes, and of course – Charcuterie Boards! Our plan is to provide you and your family with weekly content that is meaningful to us. Our hope is that this content will strike a chord with you and yours, making your lives better in some way. We will always post to the website, so don’t forget to subscribe. Also, follow us on social media so you never miss out on sneak-peaks, promotions, and giveaways.

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