Andy King – Chief Operations Officer

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Welcome, everyone! I am Andy King – Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer at Royal We Studios LLC in Shrewsbury, PA. It is great to meet you! Let’s share ideas and grow!
I love working with wood. From selecting the lumber, to placing my cuts just right, to the joy of seeing a final project come together – it’s just so damned satisfying. I really do take pride in my work. I spend a tremendous amount of time with each piece that we make and sell. Whether it’s an up-cycled six-pack holder or a custom 5′ long charcuterie board, I work to pour my best effort into each piece.

Our Philosophy

Quality wood crafts are meant to last. Our charcuterie boards and chopping blocks are timeless and expertly crafted. With proper care, they are a focal point for family celebrations. I am humbled to know our boards and blocks will be a part of your family celebrations for generations to come. Because of this, I strive to provide my own personal touch on every single board. My goal will always be to preserve as much of the natural beauty of the wood, while ensuring a safe and lasting product.

Let’s Build Something – Together!

I can’t wait to share my learnings with everyone! And I am just getting started in my journey, so on some of these things, we will be learning together. I can’t think of anything more fun than that! As I progress through different projects, I am hopeful that folks will follow along and get inspired. I will do my best to have at least one post per week relating to topics such as Reclaimed Projects, Shop Tips, or Kid-Friendly Crafts. If you want to stay updated on our newest content, please subscribe below. Also, follow us on social media for sneak-peaks, promotions and giveaways.

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